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Oct 22, 2012 3:35am EDT
comparison? ohh! bing! people of san francisco, it's time to make a decision between google or bing. ohh! bing is the winner. bing won! bing wins it! it looks like bing won! the one on the left. bing did win! bing won! you are a bing man, man! bing is better than google! [ male announcer ] people chose bing web search results nearly 2 to 1. join the 5 million people who've visited the challenge at ♪ bing! at i got no pulse. we're losing him. charging. he's in v-fib. let's shock him. he drives that road all the time. we just had a few drinks. this can't be happening. are we clear? clear. we were just buzzed. just buzzed? you didn't tell us that, sir. you're right, this isn't happening. he'll be fine. yeah, i feel good. really? no. not really. announcer: buzzed driving. maybe we should stop acting like it's no big deal. camera, please? long ways, short ways. long ways again. all right, let's check his hands for defensive wounds and his feet in case he was dragged. ♪ so, this is the dead patient that colin astor led us to. yep. found him in the glades, just like he s
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1